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Story of the Month-
The Brightest Star

A little boy walked to the beach. He was crying. He heard a voice a saying, "Why are you crying little one?" The boy looked around and saw a fish sitting on a golden rock just out into the ocean. The boy said, "My father has died and we have no food nor any money to buy any." And the fish said "I think I can help you, wait here." He dove down into the ocean and came back with pearls and coral and other treasures of the sea and gave them to the boy. The boy sold them to have money to buy food. Every day the boy would come to visit the fish and the fish would teach him about love and kindness and wisdom. As the boy grew older his visits became less and less frequent, until eventually he came no more. He had grown into a man and didn't feel the need to talk to a "silly old fish." The fish came back every day looking for the boy who was now a man, but he never came.

As time passed, the man eventually married and had a son of his own. Times were hard and to feed his family he decided to go to sea. They paid him some money in advance, which would feed his family for a while, and would pay him some more at the end of the trip. The ship set sail, but was quickly lost, because there was no bright star in the sky to guide the ships. The ship wrecked, and there was one lone survivor, the man. He had floated to a deserted island aboard wreckage from the ship. There was plenty of food in the form of fruits and nuts and enough water to drink. There was little hope of rescue, as the island was very remote.

Years passed and the man's son walked to the beach. He was looking for his father's ship to return, which, of course it never did. The boy began to cry. He heard a voice saying, "Why are you crying, little one?" The boy looked up and saw a fish sitting on a golden rock just out into the ocean. The boy said to the fish, "My father went out to sea several years ago and has never come back, and I miss him so." The fish said, "I think I can help you, wait here." He dove down into the ocean and asked the other creatures of the sea if any of them knew of this man who had been lost at sea. Some of the creatures told him of a man stranded on a deserted island and the location of the island. The fish came back to the rock and said, "I think I can find your father." The fish grew to be 10 times its normal size and told the boy to climb on its back. They swam a long way into the ocean and came to the island. They found the man still alive. There are no words to describe the joy of the boy and the fish and the man. The man thanked the fish and told him he was sorry about the years he had forgotten about him. And the fish forgave the man.

The man and the boy climbed onto the fish's back and the fish swam a long, long way through the ocean. The great fish was struggling against the strong current and swam ever slower. They got close to the shore, close enough to see the golden rock; but the fish had stopped swimming and turned onto its side. "I just can't swim any further," the fish said, "but hang onto me and the tide will carry us in." So they hung on and the tide did carry them in. When they got to shore, they discovered that the fish was dead. There are no words to describe the grief that the man and the boy felt over the death of their beloved friend who had given up his life to save theirs. Their tears fell like rain and covered the body of the fish.

Then a miraculous thing occurred. The fish started glowing and turned a bright yellow color. Its color became brighter and brighter. It started to rise and settled into the northern most part of the sky, and became the brightest star there. It became known as the north star and has become the guiding light for sailors ever since then, guiding them through the perilous waters ....of life!



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